From home when using Dynamics 365 on a Ubuntu machine I’m quite regularly getting the mobile forms when accessing Dynamics 365. So today I wanted to investigate this some more.

I start with Firefox and logged in to When I click on the Dynamics 365 tile, I get an error on the new app page. Error message when using Firefox

When I close this dialog there is a blank page with portal menu on the top. Refreshing the page or pressing the sync button does not help.

I then try to go directly to my instance of Dynamics 365 with the url https://{organization} Then we are logged in to the mobile site.

So no luck with Firefox, let’s try Chrome.

When logging in to the portal with Chrome and clicking on the Dynamics 365 tile there is no error and I can see all my apps. Clicking on one of them I get to my organization.

If I type in the address to the organization as I tried with Firefox, I get the mobile site as I did with Firefox.

So to summarize I have to use Chrome and log in through or to avoid getting the mobile site of Dynamics 365 on a Ubuntu machine.

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